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Table 12 Food security indices of the farm households.

From: Government input support on Aus rice production in Bangladesh: impact on farmers’ food security and poverty situation

Households’ categories Food security indices Index values
Food secure households Food insecure households
Supported Food security index (Z) 1.09 0.43
  Head count index (H) 71.7 28.3
  Per capita daily calorie availability 2017.4 1788.4
  Food shortfall/surplus index (P) 0.21 − 0.16
Non-supported Food security index (Z) 1.03 0.50
  Head count index (H) 65.0 35.0
  Per capita daily calorie availability 1984.2 1910.1
  Food shortfall/surplus index (P) 0.16 − 0.20