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Table 4 Apparent digestibility coefficients of nutrients in sheep fed natural pasture hay mixture as a basal diet and supplemented with noug seed cake and wheat bran mixture and ficus leaves

From: Nutrient intake, digestibility and growth performance of Washera lambs fed natural pasture hay supplemented with graded levels of Ficus thonningii(Chibha) leaves as replacement for concentrate mixture

Parameters Treatments (%)
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 SEM SL
DMDC 0.77a 0. 75a 0.73ab 0.71ab 0.69b 0.012 ***
OMDC 0.79a 0.78ab 0.75abc 0.74bc 0.71c 0.011 ***
CPDC 0.79a 0.77a 0.69b 0.62c 0.60c 0.013 ***
NDFDC 0.66a 0.58ab 0.54ab 0.51ab 0.44b 0.040 ***
ADFDC 0.63a 0.56ab 0.53abc 0.49bc 0.42c 0.042 ***
  1. a b cLetters in the same row having different superscript are significantly different; DMDC dry matter digestibility coefficient, OMDC organic matter digestibility coefficient, CPDC crude protein digestibility coefficient, NDFDC neutral detergent fiber digestibility coefficient, ADFDC acid detergent fiber digestibility coefficient; *** (P < 0.001); SEM standard error of mean; SL significance level, Ns nonsignificant, NPH natural pasture hay, FTL Ficus thonningii leaves, CM concentrate mixture, T1 = NPH + 0 g FTL +215 g CM; T2 = NPH + 112.5 g FTL +161.25 g CM; T3 = NPH + 225 g FTL +107.5 g CM; T4 = NPH + 337.5 g FTL +53.75 g CM; T5 = NPH + 450 g FTL +0 g CM