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Table 5 Body weight measurements and feed efficiency of sheep fed on natural pasture hay and supplemented with noug seed cake and wheat bran in 50:50 ratio and ficus leaves

From: Nutrient intake, digestibility and growth performance of Washera lambs fed natural pasture hay supplemented with graded levels of Ficus thonningii(Chibha) leaves as replacement for concentrate mixture

Parameters Treatments
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 SEM SL
IBW 16.28a 17.53a 17.53a 17.95a 17.33a 1.331 ns
FBW 22.80a 22.30a 21.98a 21.55a 21.13a 1.175 ns
ADG 67.50a 63.89ab 56.39ab 55.28ab 53.62b 4.212 ***
FE 0.10a 0.083ab 0.073bc 0.060 cd 0.050d 0.014 ***
  1. a, b, c = means within rows having different superscript are significantly different at P < 0.001; ADG average daily gain, BWC body weight change, FBW final body weight, IBW initial body weight, FCE feed conversion efficiency, NPH natural pasture hay, FTL Ficus thonningii leaves; CM concentrate mixture; *** (P < 0.001); T1 = NPH + 0 g FTL +215 g CM; T2 = NPH + 112.5 g FTL +161.25 g CM; T3 = NPH + 225 g FTL +107.5 g CM; T4 = NPH + 337.5 g FTL +53.75 g CM; T5 = NPH + 450 g FTL +0 g CM